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Insurance Coverage for Renters

Renter’s policies are easier than most people realize. We just need to know how much coverage is needed on your personal furnishings, what liability limits are required (usually $100,000) and what deductible you want. If you share your room with a roommate, coverage like this becomes even more necessary. Our renters insurance policy will protect your indoor and outdoor stuff against any unforeseen events such as fire, theft or other damage. At B&B Insurance, you get value-added services such as discounts on your auto policy when you get your renters insurance from us.

Why Opt for a Renters Coverage?

Landlord Demand

Landlord demand

Travel With Peace Of Mind

Travel with peace of mind

Liability coverage

Liability coverage

Personal property protection

Personal property protection

Need a renter’s insurance? Look no further, we are glad to assist.


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